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Enable collections of primitive types as input parameters


As per the comment to :

Is it also possible to support IEnumerable as an input parameter where T is a primitive type?

For example I am trying to implement the “GROUP_CONCAT” function for MSSQL (To simulate the functionality of GROUP_CONCAT in MYSQL) as a custom stored procedure. (See:

I have the stored procedure up and running but I cannot call it via a DbFunction because IEnumreable is currently not supported as a paramter.

The signature for this method would look look like this:

[DbFunction("MyContext", "GROUP_CONCAT")]
public static string GroupConcat(IEnumerable<string> collection, string separator = ", ")

An the usage scenario would be this.

from blog context.Set()
select new BlogDto
Name = blog.Title,
Tags = CustomDbFunctions.GroupConcat(blog .Tags.Select(x => x.Name))

This should return the following:

Name, | Tags
My first blog, | Csharp, Linq, Ef
My second blog | PHP, Ruby

This would basically be the same like DBFunctions.StandardDeviation(IEnumerable ..) where I also have a sequence of inputs and the functions returns an aggregated value.
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